Albert Karaziwan is a belgian entrepreneur passionate about new technologies. He is currently the CEO of Semlex, a company specializing in biometric identification solutions and highly secure identity documents manufacture. This businessman is distinguished by his brilliant career, his ambitions, passion, and optimism, his love of the African continent and his commitment to vulnerable populations. One of the biggest secrets of Albert Karaziwan’s success resides in his philosophy of positive thought, the mother of all creation, of surpassing oneself, and the strenghts brought by teamwork.


Here is a portrait of this active businessman, who is recognized and appreciated around the world for his principles and the place he grants to security and philanthropy within his own business strategies.

Semlex, a Gateway to Biometrics in Africa

By creating Semlex en 1992, Albert Karaziwan had a clear objective in mind: to help governments and international organizations, like Interpol, fight against organized crime and identity fraud by introducing biometrics into identification systems.

Even though the company operates in other continents such as Europe and Latin America, it has been mostly in Africa where Semlex’s Biometric Network System (BNS) has proven to be very useful. The business solutions were introduced in may African countries like Mozambique, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea, the Central African Republic and Comoros. By providing its identification and authentication solutions, Semlex helps strengthen border security and to fight against organized crime. The reliability and innovative nature of its systems have made this Belgian company a pioneer and a leader in biometric security all over the world, but in Africa in particular. It also helps Africa to continue growing and to jump on the new technologies bandwagon, which is so very important to overcome tomorrow’s challenges.

In addition to passports and visas, Semlex also provides products and solutions that facilitate manufacture of other biometric documents such as national ID cards, driver’s licenses, work permits and other documents like residence cards, student ID cards, officials and veterans cards, and civil acts and stamps. In order to meet its many clients’ needs, the company has developed many recognition systems for fingerprints, facial recognition, hand geometry and iris reader technology.

Semlex’ service quality is guaranteed through its many ISO certifications and through meeting many international standards including ANSI, NIST, and ICAO. Headquartered in Brussels, Semlex has many subsidiaries in the African countries in which it does business such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Gabon, and Niger.

Good to know 

Biometric security means all technologies implemented to identify a person by using physical features. The information collected is integrated into a database viewable by anyone with the right to access it, such as those working at border stations.

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Albert Karaziwan, CEO of Semlex since 1992

Albert Karaziwan is a commited entrepreneur. His commitment and expertise in the field of biometrics are recognized worldwide by many authorities and governments. For this reason, he attends Interpol’s general assembly every year as Semlex’s representative. He benefits from this extraordinary event to share his ideas with the police chiefs of the participating countries, to present the anti-identity fraud systems his company has designed, and to learn about the strategies adopted and the best practices in terms of international security. These exchanges are fundamental to better fight against fraud and to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals who constantly seek new techniques to circumvent the measures put into place by the authorities (for example silicon molds to reproduce fingerprints).

Albert Karaziwan also maintains excellent relationships with government leaders in the countries in which Semlex’s solutions are used. These exceptional relationships were built primarily because of his expertise, commitment and many visits made to earn the trust of the governments with which he collaborates.


But it is especially the importance that he places on the human dimension in his personal and professional life that has enabled him to succeed.

Since 2009, Albert Karaziwan is commited in working with Union of Comoros through Semlex, which has been chosen for the production of national identity and travel documents.  Satisfied with the success of the previous contract with Semlex, the country decided to renew its trust in Semlex ten years later for the renewal of its national documents. 

A true passion for new technologies

Using new technologies to improve a nation’s security for its citizens: Albert Karaziwan strives to achieve this ambitious objective day after day. He is a fan of new technologies and advocates a community entrepreneurial spirit that is useful to as many people as possible. And for this Belgian philanthropist, innovation is essential to guarantee personal security.

His passion for new technologies led him to focus in several areas. In particular he has invested in building safety (Profabel), parking security (Parcomatic), hotels, state-of-the-art printing and renewable energies (solar energy). He is a member of Proginov’s Board of Directors, a company focusing mainly on business management software. He is also the head of other companies like Matison France (a real estate company) and the Premont estate.

Albert Karaziwan's Values and other Commitments

Albert Karaziwan does not only provide the African States with software to secure the borders and create pieces of identity. He also benefits from his privileged relationships with the governments in countries where Semlex is set up to implement community projects and to help impoverished populations.

In April 2014, he attended the inauguration of a water treatment station in Moheli. This facility provides the city’s residents with better access to drinking water.

Photo des cinq terres en Italie
Many notable people were there for the water purification station’s inauguration ceremony, including First Lady Mrs. Hadidja Aboubacar, Minister of Employment Mrs. Sitty Kassim, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, the Governor of Moheli and the President of the organization responsible for water management.

The presence of these dignitaries shows the importance of this wonderful project that was made possible thanks to Semlex’s CEO. Semlex is also behind construction of another drinking water station at the Fomboni hospital in the Union of Comoros. African leaders are now appreciative of Albert Karaziwan and his company.

His entrepreneurial spirit is the engine of success. To achieve one’s goals, you must have an idea, firmly believe in it, and make every effort to make it a reality. This is how one creates their own success. Albert Karaziwan shares this philosophy founded on optimism. For this reason, he is a member of the Board of Directors of “Optimists Without Borders”, a Belgian association that strives to increase enthusiasm, positive thought and the entrepreneurial spirit. It helps citizens and communities to become aware of the importance of optimism when making decisions and the need to chase away any negative ideas in order to grow and achieve personal and professional objectives.

Created in November 2008, this association initiated a “cultural revolution of trust in the future” by favoring constructive cooperation to the detriment of destructive competition. Competition tends to divide and generates losses. Cooperation, on the other hand, helps multiply the creative strength. As a result, building a better world is therefore far more possible when you believe in positive thinking.

Albert Karaziwan is a selfless and visionary man, and is one of those business leaders who put their talent and ideas to serve communities most in need. By being at the head of a biometric solutions company, he makes a significant contribution to peace and security around the world. By supporting community projects in Africa such as commissioning water purification and drinking water stations, he helps improve the citizens’ quality of life. He promotes positive thinking and conveys a universal message that everyone should hear.